Giving Back One Photograph at a Time

Give us your personal narrative on what your Goliath is.

My Goliath is layered. The first part is my lack of confidence in my photography. We live in an age where we have access to images at all times. As a result, I’m constantly reviewing work by amazingly talented photographers from all over the world, and have not taken the next step to show my work in a gallery simply because I’ve convinced myself that my work is not good enough.

Many friends and colleagues constantly tell me I should have a show since they think my work is great, but I’ve been unable to conquer my Goliath thus far.

The second part is that I’ve always wanted my work to have a purpose. I feel like it currently exists for a few likes from strangers on Instagram and has no real impact or value.


Why did you pick this particular Goliath?

I’d like to defy my Goliath by presenting my photography in a real gallery with a silent auction where all proceeds go to charity. Should I accomplish this, I’d learn to value my work and myself more because I will have to take the risk to share my work in a professional space, while trying to help others in the process. I love the ide that helping my self-confidence will ultimately result in helping others.


What were some of your thoughts/fears as you got closer to overcoming your Goliath?
I wasn’t sure if people would actually show up to my show and if they did I wasn’t sure if they would like the work.


Describe how you felt and thoughts you had when you completed?

It felt great to have a massive turn out (way more people than expected). People seemed to love the work, so it was a nice vote of confidence to continue pursuing a passion of mine.


What’s your biggest personal takeaway?

My work can make a difference. We were able to raise around 3k for charity and that would only happen if people responded to the work strongly enough to want to purchase it.


What was the response of family/friends when you completed your Goliath?

They were proud of me that I was able to put my work out there in a gallery and open myself up to feedback. They can’t wait for the invite to my next show.

How would you inspire others to overcome their Goliaths? What words of encouragement would you give them?

Just say yes. It will be worth it!